Adenopure Kit

The Adenopure® Kit

(Catalogue No. 70100)

Kit contains all the components required to perform three (3) virus isolations, including Benzonase® and syringes.
$450.00 + S&H.

Recombinant adenovirus vectors are the preferred method for a wide range of in vitro and in vivo gene delivery applications. Convenient purification of smaller quantities of these vectors at a high level of purity and consistency has remained a challenge. Cesium chloride gradients are laborious and take two days. Alternatives based on chromatography have been inconsistent and cumbersome.

The Adenopure® Kit may be used to purify recombinant adenovirus vectors without the need for time-consuming and labor-intensive 2X CsCl gradients. A novel disposable Adenopump® syringe/pump and membrane design achieves the highest quality adenovirus preparations and substantially improved yields in a 90-minute procedure.

The Adenopure Adenovirus Purification Kit offers several important advantages:

  • Less Starting Material - Higher Yield: Obtain up to 5x1012 viral particles from as few as five 150cm2 plates of starting material. This is more than twice the yield from a typical 2X CsCl prep or from other kits.
  • Higher Quality: Adenopure produces fewer inactive viral particles (15:1 VP:IU ratio) and less residual endotoxin (<3EU/ml) than other methods. The product is suitable for all routine applications including in vitro infections, transductions and animal studies
  • Easy and Fast: This simple, convenient procedure can be completed in 90 minutes after harvest of the cell pellet or cell supernatant.

The kit may be purchased by calling (888) 245-9182 or (610) 640-0800 or by email at Adenopure@puresyn.com.



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