Q: What is the optimal harvest time for maximum Adenovirus yield?

In general, a much higher virus yield is obtained using a 4-5 day procedure, and for this reason alone we recommend it. In general, a 48 hour procedure results in a higher level of contaminating cellular and viral DNA relative to the 4-5 day procedure.

Q: How much Adenovirus will the Adenopure® kit purify?

The Adenopure® purification procedure will yield between 1x1012 and 5x1012 viral particles. Of course this is dependant upon loading at least that much virus onto the Virus-Binding Module of the Adenopump® Purification Unit. Each kit contains enough reagents for (3) purification procedures.

Q: Can I pass more than (5) 150cm2 plates worth of infected cell extract through an Adenopump® virus binding module?

The Adenopure® purification procedure has been optimized to process (5) 150cm2 plate equivalents of infected cell extract. If more plate equivalents of infected cell extract are used in a purification procedure, the contaminating free cellular and viral DNA may not be totally degraded and the amount and purity the resulting Adenovirus preparation may be compromised. In addition, the user will run short on some of the buffers supplied in the kit.

Q: How critical is it to add the right amount of 10X Dilution Buffer?

It is extremely critical to add the right amount of 10X Dilution Buffer to the sample as this buffer allows efficient binding of Adenovirus to the Virus-Binding Module. The addition of an incorrect amount of 10X Dilution Buffer will lead to a decrease in the strength of interaction of Adenovirus with the Virus-Binding Module as well as allowing a different spectrum of contaminating proteins to compete with the Adenovirus for binding to the Virus-Binding Module.

Q: Can I reuse an Adenopump Purification Unit?

The Adenopump Purification Units are intended for single use only and should be disposed of after a purification procedure in an appropriate biohazardous waste receptacle.

Q: What happens if I push the sample through the Adenopump Purification Unit at a higher flow rate than 10ml/minute?

The efficiency of binding of Adenovirus to the Virus-Binding Module will decrease with increasing flow rate, and the overall recovery of purified Adenovirus will decrease as a result.

Q: What is the composition of the buffers in the kit?

The formulation of the Adenopure Kit buffers contained within the Adenopure kit is proprietary. SDS are available for review.


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