Technical Specifications

The Adenopure® Adenovirus Purification Kit couples membrane adsorber technology with proprietary buffer formulations to provide rapid and simple isolation of highly purified adenovirus preparations suitable for in vitro biological assays.

The Adenopure kit contains three Adenopump® purification units, each capable of purifying 1x1012 to 5x1012 viral particles, yielding titers of 2x1011 to 1x1012 viral particles/ml. The Adenopure Kit includes Benzonase® endonuclease for reduction of contaminating nucleic acids in crude Adenovirus lysates prior to purification.

  • Adenovirus purification using the Adenopure Kit takes less than 2 hours.

  • Adenopure purified Adenovirus has low endotoxin levels (as low as <3 EU/ml*).

  • Adenopure purified Adenovirus has a low VP:IU ratio (as low as 15:1*).

  • Adenopure purified Adenovirus compares favorably to 2X CsCl purified Adenovirus*.



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