TransfectionReady DNA

There are three levels of guaranteed specifications available each with customizable options that can be included as needed:  Basic, Intermediate, and Premium.

PREMIUM ResearchReady Specifications are the most stringent and include the maximum Quality Analysis.  This quality of DNA is suitable for transformations, transfections, and diagnostics for toxicology studies, animal studies, and GMP Production and is available in quantities of 10mg and up.

Appearance Clear, Colorless, No Visible Particulates
A260:280 1.7-2.0
Concentration Amount Ordered (mg) / 10ml
DNA Homogeneity ≥90%
Residual RNA None Detected @ 1.0mg load
ssDNA, Linear DNA, Chromosomal DNA None Detected @ 1.0mg load
Endotoxin <30EU/mg
Identity Consistent with Provided Information for 2 Rxns
Customizable Options
High Concentration Collaborator Defined
Aliquoting Collaborator Defined
Bioburden Testing Overnight or Five Day Incubation
More Stringent Endotoxin <5EU/mg
Sterile Fill Sterile Filled by Quality





TransfectionReady DNA Applications of our DNA