TransfectionReady DNA

Ready to save your valuable research time? Puresyn’s TransfectionReady Plasmid DNA is a convenient and cost effective replacement for hours of research time lost performing in-house purification kits. Send us your starting material, and we will do it for you!

New small scale service 110g

Puresyn is proud to announce our new TransfectionReady Plasmid DNA, which combines Puresyn's 20 years of Plasmid purification experience with fast turn around small scale purifications.

Why Use TransfectionReady?

  • Save time, let us do the work
  • Fast turn around
  • Our collaboration advantages

How It Works!

  1. Complete the order form
  2. Send starting material
  3. Receive plasmid within 5 business days
Order Now!
  • OD260/280 and concentration provided with plasmid
  • Endo Free is < 100EU/mg
  • Results are not guaranteed and are dependent on plasmid yield. This service is not recommended for use on low yielding plasmids, please call (610) 640-0800 to discuss our options for low yielding plasmids.